Concierge Computer Care

Has your doctor offered you concierge care? It’s a type of practice that’s been around for about 15 years. You pay a yearly retainer fee to the doctor and in return you get special access and services, maybe a little hand-holding when you have to go to the hospital, more communication, and probably pre-emptive care to ward off problems before they start.

Computer repair companies have begun to offer similar services. For a yearly fee you get special monitoring of your computer, priority access and repair, discounts, and much more. There are two primary target markets for this service: companies for whom computer down-time is a serious problem, and home users—especially those with children who might not be as careful with the computer as they should be.

Advanced Computer Repair has had its Computer Care Club up and running for about a year, and its services are very similar to the model used by companies across the country. There are different plans for different needs, but all include free in-store diagnostics, tracking of your lost or stolen computer, and 24/7 automated monitoring of your hardware and software systems.

A monitoring program, running quietly in the background, sends alerts to the staff at Advanced Computer Repair if it detects any hard drive problems, memory faults, unexpected shutdowns, crashes, file system corruption, unusual software installations, backup errors, antivirus performance, and much more—some 55 monitoring points in all. By watching these systems, the software helps the ACR staff proactively address problems before they become severe. You stay up and running because ACR can catch a problem before it becomes a crisis.

Need more? Antivirus and spyware service, remote and in-store services, data backup, and even parental control software is included in some of the plans. A service like the one offered by ACR’s Computer Care Club can keep your business and your family from joining the millions of users affected each year by viruses and spyware, and it can keep your equipment running better and longer.

You can find out more about the club by visiting ACR’s website and clicking the link on the home page or go direct to

And of course, you can always give a call to 856-727-9363 to speak to us directly.

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